Laurie Cantwell



Laurie Cantwell, a multifaceted professional with expertise in marketing, digital marketing, and web design, studied at Middlesex Community College, Northeastern University, and Visible Edge Institute. She is also actively engaged in service organizations within her local community and beyond.

Laurie Cantwell is a versatile professional with a diverse educational background. She began her academic journey at Middlesex Community College, where she laid the foundation for her career in marketing. Laurie then continued her studies at Northeastern University, further refining her skills and knowledge in marketing strategies and dynamics. Most recently, she pursued specialized training in Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Web Design at Visible Edge Institute, enhancing her expertise in online marketing strategies and website development.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Laurie is actively involved in service organizations within Essex and Middlesex counties, demonstrating a strong commitment to community involvement and philanthropy, and making a positive impact locally and beyond. With her comprehensive education, practical experience, and specialized training, Laurie is well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to both business endeavors and community initiatives.

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